Yuva Sangeetha Lahari

Geeta Shankar

Sa Ri Ga Moo- My First Trip to Joisey

It was the last day of school, and we conducted the most exhilarating lab in science class which involved dissecting a cow’s eye! After poking the squishy liquid around the eye, I unearthed the hard cow eye lens, which honestly looked like rock candy. I was so eager to show …more

Guhan Venkataraman

The Unsung Heroine

The old Sanskrit prayer goes: Matha, Pitha, Guru, Deivam. One day, I will lose my guru. And that day, along with her, the world will lose some Deivam. Smt. Ranganayaki Rajagopalan is more than a guru to me. She is a caretaker and a soldier, a giver and a fighter, …more

Vignesh Venkataraman - Mridangam

Peeling the Onion and Piercing the Veil

‘Music is like an ocean’ might be one of the most fundamentally overused cliches around, but there is aptness in the saying. I personally prefer my own pet phrase, ‘music is like an onion’ – the hidden meanings here are, I feel, more nuanced and subtle. Like an onion, music …more

Sruthi Shuddha

Mahatma Gandhi once said that “bad handwriting is a sign of imperfect education.” Today, few people write in freehand, but Gandhi’s statement still applies to many things in life, particularly music. We can say “bad Shruthi in singing is a sign of imperfect training in music.” I remember my friend …more

Shyamala Ramakrishna


In the South Indian classical tradition, continuing to improve your craft implicates such single-minded dedication that Carnatic musicians seldom venture into other styles of music. This approach certainly works; diving headfirst into several genres means focusing on none of them. Our tradition is vast enough – in its history and …more