Yuva Sangeetha Lahari

Yuva Sangeetha Lahari

Traditional painting of Carnatic Trinity

Samskruta UccarraNa paddhati

All Indian languages use a common method of pronounciation. The intent is to present an understanding of the methodology used in language base and its application in music and literature. Historic perspective as well as its current use are described to appriciate common link among all Indian languages. It provides …more

Music Rasikas

Kutcheri Kaleidoscope

Having had the good fortune to savour for many years the sublime (and occasionally not so sublime) Carnatic music that is heard in Chennai and elsewhere, I have been struck by the bewildering variety of audience types and audience behaviour observed at concerts. The following observations on the audience types …more

Traditional painting of Carnatic Trinity

Tyagaraja The Activist

It is common knowledge that TyAgarAja , as a RAma bhakta, has composed prolifically in praise of Lord Rama. He has also composed hundreds of compositions on many other deities. He has composed with music or bhakti as the central theme. TyAgarAja is a vAggEyakara who has arguably used the …more

Traditional painting of Carnatic Trinity

Bhakti in Carnatic Music

Bhakti (devotion) is an important approach that involves unconditional surrender to the Supreme Lord. Given our limitations, how do we visualize this Supreme Lord? In contrast to the path of Jnana (knowledge) or karma (work as worship), the path of bhakti takes the view of “I as an individual, am …more

Neha Krishnamachary

The Rise of the Thanam Bow

It is no secret that the parallels between Carnatic music and Western classical music are numerous. On the violin, these parallels reach a whole new dimension in the realm of Ragam Thanam Pallavi (RTP). Specifically, thanam, a unique aspect of RTP, has evolved over the fifty years. The RTP became …more

Geeta Shankar

Sa Ri Ga Moo- My First Trip to Joisey

It was the last day of school, and we conducted the most exhilarating lab in science class which involved dissecting a cow’s eye! After poking the squishy liquid around the eye, I unearthed the hard cow eye lens, which honestly looked like rock candy. I was so eager to show …more